Bajaj Pulsar Modified Into CafeBrat Style By Vanguard Custom Motorcycles

Hey guys whats up. So here is something new for you all. We are going to talk about modification.  So lets talk about it.

This is Bajaj Pulsar 220 modification. As we all know Bajaj Pulsar 220 is one of the best bike of its time and Vanguard Custom Motorcycles modified it into a CafeBrat style. This modification looks a little bit like CafeRacer from the front and Brat style from the rear part overall it is an amazing modification.

café racer  is a lightweight, lightly powered motorcycle optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort – and for quick rides over short distances. With bodywork and control layout recalling early-1960s Grand Prix road racing motorcycles, café racers are noted for their visual minimalism, featuring low-mounted handlebars, prominent seat cowling and elongated fuel tank – and frequently knee-grips indented in the fuel tank.

But a “brat cafe racer” is typically a bike that has most of the cafe-style details, such as low clip-on but has a flat “brat style” seat instead of the “bum stop” solo seat with cowling.  A brat style seat is easier for the garage-builder to make, and the seat pan may consist of anything from hammered sheet metal to skateboards to aftermarket, pre-upholstered pans .
So this is a modified bajaj pulsar in cafe brat style which looks really awesome and really unique.One of the best looking bajaj pulsar.

The twin headlight setup which consist of one white and yellow combination looks classy and cool.Yamaha rx fuel tank completes the entire job which makes a complete caferacer.
Red paint job on the bikes look shiny and strips on the tank makes it complete olden style and racing complete.

As per the modification the frame has been chopped from rear and seat is replaced with custom seats .Front fender has been chopped and rear fender has been removed to give a fat Tyre look.

Both front and rear tyre has been replaced with new big tyres which looks bulky .

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At the front it has a Yamaha RX100 fuel tank as it gives it a caferacer look, handle bars are changed into custom clip-on handle bar with dual meter setup from Bajaj Avenger. The only noticeable powertrain upgrade comes from the Yoshimura custom exhaust system which certainly enhances the exhaust note.  It has two headlamps at the front, one halogen and yellow tinted fog lamp. The rear portion is chopped and it holds a custom Brat Style seat. Both the front and rear fender is custom made.

 The stock Indonesia-spec bike is capable of delivering 23.1 PS and 18.3 Nm of torque. The 200 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled motor is paired with a 6-speed transmission.

The motorcycle carries a price tag of IDR 23.9 million (around Rs 1.16 lakhs). The modification took nearly a month and costs about Rs 70,000.
The Pulsar 220 for Indonesia is retailed with Kawasaki’s co-branding (Kawasaki badge is seen on the fuel tank extensions). The motorcycle carries a price tag of IDR 23.9 million (around Rs 1.16 lakhs). The modification took nearly a month and costs about Rs 70,000.

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