Benelli BN 302 Modified Into Custom Street Fighter Look By LeeAT Moto ( Vietnam)

streetfighter has more aggressive look by removing the fairing and making some other changes such as eagle eye etc. Basic changes other than removing fairing are adding a pair of large, round headlights, tall, upright handlebars such as those on a motocross bike, and short, loud, lightweight mufflers. UK motorcycle magazine is named streetfighter.

Later streetfighters made use of custom built frame to overcome the weakness of the tubular steel frames of 4-cylinder superbikes of 1970s and 1980s . Many of these frames turned out to be “beautifully crafted pieces of metallurgical art,” perhaps only unintentionally. Many were also originally racing machines.

Street fighter bikes look like they are made by aliens and has so many cool features. LeeAT Moto from Vietnam modified a Benelli BN 302 into a custom street fighter bike. It seems like this bike is used for a stealth mission which has so many cool equipment 

As you can see the bike it is all matte black in color and has that edgy and pointed look to it which gives it a street fighter look. The whole body frame work has been done here to get this new look. Many parts of this bike is either hand made or taken from another bike.

Talking about the work done on this bike, the fuel tank is of Benelli 600i which is a lot bigger in look as well as capacity, the rear part of the bike is chopped which gives the bike a street fighter look and the seat is also custom made which also matches the theme of the bike. 
It has custom brembo hand and brember handle with small custom side mirrors and a custom lighttech hand protection. 

The most amazing part is that it has a red lightning inside of the bike which really looks fascinating with the matte black color. The headlamp is a round led headlamp with a custom red eye at the top of it which looks like a robotic eye. Fog headlamps are on the both side on the guard. 

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