Modified Honda TMX 125 Into BratStyle By Iron Macchina Customs

What’s up moto heads, again we are here to share what our country has to offer in custom motorcycle building. Speaking about custom rides, we are always blessed to have staple low displacement motorbikes as donors.

everyone loves a custom motorcycle and everyone wants to have it.

What you see is what you get, but something that set aside Philippine custom builders, they are very resourceful. When proper skill, research and base expertise can create huge improvements.

The All-New TMX125α is equipped with the newly-developed legendary Overhead Valve (OHV) engine which was exclusively made for this model and for the Filipino market. 
Honda is one manufacturer which has a wide array of motorcycles for every kind of customer in its portfolio world over such as the TMX 125 Alpha motorcycle which it just imported from Philippines to India. 
This is modified Honda TMX 125 into a custom Bratstyle by Philippines based Iron Macchina Customs. The job done in this Honda TMX 125 is outstanding.

The Indian motorcycle market is largely dominated by commuter bikes which primarily serve the purpose of carrying its owner from point A to B reliably and sip very less fuel while doing it. Thus it is of no surprise that every automaker wants a presence in this segment. 

This OHV engine uses a push rod to deliver a balance of acceleration and control for hours of easy and hassle-free tricycle and business operations while still being fuel efficient at 58.0km/L. Honda 3S shops nationwide are already familiar with the OHV engine, which also has readily available spare parts, making maintenance easy and convenient. 

The body is redesigned into a Brat style with little different touches. Talking about the front portion it has custom made fuel tank to match the style with a logo on it, the headlight is changed into a custom round headlamp with small side indicators on both sides. The handle bar is changed into a custom clip-on handle bar. At the rear it has a custom round tail lamp which is sticking out of the cafe racer style seat. The most eye catching feature is its tires which are vintage style tires which are really thick.
The changes includes a redesigned frame that has been chopped from rear and made it straight and is lowered .The seats have been custom made which looks classy and designed in black color to match the color of the bike.

The biggest highlight of the bike is the vintage tyres that looks huge on the bike .Both front and rear tyres have been replaced with the vintage style tyres .Front headlight has been replaced with round headlight
The stock exhaust has been replaced with custom made free flow exhaust which is painted in black color.
The stock straight handlebars have been changed to clipon style handle which completes the overall bike looks.Overall bike color have been changed to shinny black color the tail lamp have been replaced with vintage style tail lights and from headlight is covered with grille.

Even the side pannels have been custom made along with the seat pan.

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