Royal Enfield Thunderbird Modified Into Custom Chopper By Pixain Customs

Here’s another Royal Enfield modification, a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 2006 model was modified into a custom Chopper by Pixain Customs and the outcome is really amazing.

The work done on this bike is really outstanding as it was a really old model of Royal Enfield thunderbird lots of the body part are new here and the frame of the bike is also redesigned. It is a single seat bike with low rear part because of the rear tires used and this gives the bike Chopper style look. Talking about the modification the front and rear tires are changed into 19inch and 15 inch respectively with custom alloy. The wide handle bar combining with the higher posture of the front it really looks amazing. The fuel tank is hand made which holds up 21lt of fuel in it. The paint job done here is a combination of Pearl white and black color.

Both the front and rear fender are custom made, it also has a aftermarket exhaust system. The swing arms are is also stretched. This modification really has all the look of the chopper bike low at the back and high at the front with a wide handle bar.
Check out the video for the riding position.

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